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About Us.

STESSA IT Solutions, LLC was created in 2009, and is registered in the state of Washington. Although we are a young consulting firm, our senior partners have 20 years experience in the areas of instructional and information technology. Our CEO, L. Mangini has a M.Ed- Instructional Technology- from University of South Florida, she has worked for various government contractors, as well as academia. Our CTO, S. Stöhr, original from Germany, is experienced implementing business solutions and supervising development teams for the last two decades.


We believe that organizations that invest in their primary asset, their workforce, are the organizations who will stay competitive and viable in the 21st Century and beyond. We are committed to provide the professional assistance necessary to achieve your operational and strategic goals, present and future with "dynamic and custom" instruction and information technology solutions.


Our focus is to provide our customers with superior custom educational and business solutions that truly meet their needs and requirements. The primary focus is to be accomplished in an atmosphere of respect, collaboration, and precise communications.